MLA Format for Essay

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MLA or Modern Language Association is a common format used by research papers, doctoral dissertations and other written papers both for academic and professional purposes. MLA establishes value for recognizing your sources used in your paper. MLA format for essay uses a simple two part parenthetical documentation method when it comes to citing sources. When it comes to using MLA format for essay, make sure that you comply with the guidelines. There are also professional services online that can assist you in formatting your essays effectively.

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In terms of citing your sources in your essay, be sure to adhere with MLA formatting essay citations as to ensure the effectiveness of your paper. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense which is why you should cite properly your sources and references. Here are sample citations using MLA format for essay:

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  • Kasson, John F. Civilizing the Machine: Technology and Republican Values in America 1776-1900.

New York: Penguin, 1976.

  • Magistrale, Tony. “Wild Child: Jim Morrison’s Poetic Journeys.” Journal of Popular Culture 26.3

(Winter 1992): 133-44.

  • Johnstone, Sue. “Feminism and Pornography: Policing the Boundary between Art and Popular

Culture.” Diss. Rutgers U. 1993.

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