Harvard Essay Format

Harvard Essay Format: Quick Guide towards Formatting Papers

Writing your academic essays and other papers means effectively communicating your ideas and thoughts towards a specific topic. To maximize the impact of your essay, you should be able to offer clear and coherent structure for your readers to easily understand your main points. One of the best solutions in order for you to ensure the quality of your essays is to adhere to proper Harvard essay format. Formats provide your essays coherence especially in delivering multiple ideas and points into your paper. Successfully structuring your paper means addressing the logic of your audience.

Using Proper Harvard Format Referencing

When using the works of other authors and researchers, make sure that you follow guidelines in citations. Acknowledging your sources enables you to establish the credibility of your paper so make sure that you adhere to Harvard format referencing. Here are samples:

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Book, Single Author:

Holt, DH 1997, Management principles and practices, Prentice-Hall, Sydney.

Book, No author:

A history of Greece 1994, Irwin, Sydney.

Webpage, No date:

Jones, MD n.d., Commentary on indigenous housing initiatives. Available from: <http://www.architecture.com.au>. [6 June 2009].

Newspaper, Print:

Ionesco, J 2001, ‘Federal election: new Chip in politics’, The Advertiser 23 October, p. 10.

Thesis, Published:

May, B 2007, A survey of radial velocities in the zodiacal dust cloud. Bristol UK, Canopus Publishing.

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